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Software Supermarket:

One of the most advanced and robust retail business solutions in the world. It is serious software for serious retailers. It is an integrated system for managing chain stores, inventories and customers. All of its features are fully integrated into a stable and user-friendly system. Where its most important characteristics are its experience, flexibility and adaptability to the realities of the specialized trade, allowing the product to grow with its business.

Do You Know Your Business? Can you answer the following questions ?:

  • Which products sell more and less?
  • Do you know the margins of your products?
  • Which is the most profitable per store?
  • Do you have the right products in your store?
  • Can you answer which products have not been sold in the last 3, days, weeks, months?
  • When was the first time you dispatched them to the shops?
  • How many do not sell because the first office is very recent?
  • How many of those products are not sold because they do not have Stock?
  • How much did you sell in previous years, months, weeks, days versus the current period?
  • What products should you replenish? How much should you replenish?
  • What are the attributes of your most demanded products?
  • Which line of your business is the most profitable? How much did you stop selling because of lack of stock?
  • Who are your Customers? Which are the most marginalized contributors to your business?
  • Where and when do they buy in their stores?
  • What is the cost of what is sold? What is the margin of what is sold? Who is the best seller?
  • The one that sells the most, the one that sells the most, the one that sells the most, the one that sells the most in proportion to the hours worked?

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