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Beyond Technologies specializes in the development and use of new technologies for the retail area, creating solutions under the latest software and hardware platforms.

We care about having a team of the highest professional level. This concern has led us to bring together an excellent human group, available to satisfy your technological business needs. Our team of professionals began their activities during the year 1999 in order to integrate solutions in computer technology and consulting services.

Taking into account the evolution of the information technology industry, we have focused our services on providing the best and most effective solutions. For that we have generated alliances with the leaders of each industry in specific.

We go further than technology…

Being a support for the implementation of your business, giving the ultimate tools in hardware and software, to develop a long term business relationship.

To be a reference in the delivery of technological solutions for retail, for its expertise and ability to apply the tools necessary for its development. This concept is based on the wide support and representation of internationally recognized brands.

  • Promote the use of techological solutions applied to retail and wholesale.
  • Bring new technologies and equipment to control your business, enhance it and make it more competitive.
  • Being a channel that allows techologize processes and generate greater productivity and efficiency in business .