As every year Beyond held its Annual Distributors Convention to publicize the market news. The successful meeting was held at Hotel Solace de Providencia and had the participation of 40 company distribution companies.

“In this opportunity we presented new equipment models and also new brands which was very well received by our distributors. We happily had a high turnout and they showed us a lot of interest for the products and for the solutions we offer them so that they are more successful in their commercialization, “says Rodrigo Carvallo, general manager of Beyond

Among the novelties presented by Beyond is the commercialization of Toshiba products, with a compact equipment at an economical price, for a smaller niche, “which was very well received by the attendees”, highlights Carvallo. In turn, the scale RM80 model of DIGI, more modern and technological improvements, product focused on trade of medium size and small that allows a ticket printing and connect more than one scale to each other.

And following the trend of self-care, Beyond also presented a new DIGI scale, focused on self-service in large supermarket chains.

It should be noted that this time and as usual, the distributors with the highest sales were awarded last year. In this opportunity, the company Sico Chile was the creditor of a trip to Lima, Peru for two people with air ticket, transfer, hotel. While others received technological equipment and cutting edge.

Without a doubt, it was an excellent evening with great convocation and many new features. We will inform you of the next activity ……